Friday, June 24, 2011

summer fun giveaway

This sums up summer in our house so far: turning a shed box into a blank canvas in the backyard while the dogs look on supportively...

 What does summer look like in your house?
summer fun giveaway:

A free photoshoot capturing your kiddos doing whatever they LOVE most about summer... slip n slide? chalk on the driveway?  popsicles?  skateboarding? you pick!

**this will not be a sit and smile posed shoot, but rather a candid capture of your kiddos being, well, your kiddos!

to enter:

Leave one comment sharing what your favorite childhood memory of summer/ or your favorite summertime tradition with your own kiddos...

Leave a second comment after linking this giveaway on Facebook...

Leave a third comment after tweeting this giveaway...

***ALL COMMENTS MUST BE LEFT HERE ON THIS POST TO BE INCLUDED IN THE GIVEAWAY... this may require you too set up a Google account.

deadline to enter:

Monday, June 27th by midnight

Winner will chosen and posted using random integer generator on Tuesday, June 28th.

happy reminiscing & good luck!


  1. I love our annual camping trip to San Clemente -but our new tradition is finding ways to donate our time to help others.

  2. my favorite memories are from my times at my grandfather's house - swimming, making ice cream, eating watermelon and playing with my cousins.

  3. My favorite summertime memory is camping at the beach with my grandparents, building sand castles with my Opa, making pancakes with Oma and having S'mores!

  4. Favorite Summer Memory... Long weeks of water skiing at the lake with all of my cousins!

  5. Favorite summer tradition for our family is a trip out to the La Quinta Resort & Spa - lots of tennis, swimming, and scooter-riding. :)

  6. favorite childhood memories are camp outs in the backyard with my cousins and 4th of july!

  7. tweeted....yes i know i dont have kids.

  8. Favorite Summer childhood memories are dinners at the beach filled with boogie boarding, swings, and sand castles. Although this year could have a lot more cycle riding now that they learned this past year!

  9. My favorite memory of summer with my boys is how I seem to know them better when summer is over. We seem to talk more, laugh more, and listen more during summer. I just like hanging out with them with no time restrictions.

  10. Favorite summer memories are mom and dad hauling us all over the country (by car of course) to visit all the major historic sites. They had a goal for us to visit all 50 states. We got close.

    I know I live too far away to win, but still wanted to comment. I always LOVE the COLORS in your photos. So many photographers want everyone in black. What's up with THAT???


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