Friday, December 31, 2010

one word. {giveaway}

it is my word for 2011...
What will i simplify?
*my schedule
*my junk drawers
*my closet
*my priorities
*my photography
*my classroom cupboards

pretty much everything could use some minimalizing right about now.

and now for some fun:

*GIVEAWAY: One free photo session.  Whether I have taken your pictures in the past, or not... now is your chance to win! 
To enter, please leave a comment below stating your WORD for 2011.
(if you have arrived to the giveaway via Facebook and would prefer to comment on the link there, your comment WILL be counted.  I understand not everyone has a Google account)

  What will you resolve to do? 
**I will choose a winner using random integer generator at
midnight on monday, january 10th.

best of luck.


  1. EMBRACE (love, life, chaos, school, unemployment, travel) <3

  2. "Moment" is my word for 2011. I will be in the moment, savor each moment, not rush to the next moment. I will be present and live each moment.

    P.S. Awesome thought bubble :)

  3. "Commit" is my word. I will commit to finding a good job that works around my daughters school schedule.

    This word touches on many parts of my life...

  5. WHERE is that wonderful skirt/dress from?
    You look great.

    My word- enjoy.

    I resolve to enjoy the little things in my life. Enjoy sunsets, laughing, my fiance, good food, my dog, and relaxing.

  6. you are adorable! thank you for linking up your awesome card! i will come back with my word, because I hope to win & take full advantage of your photos skills when my fam & I visit SoCal in the spring!! hugs, Cathy

  7. PURGE...out with the old, and out with the old! LOL

  8. RELEASE...many things and for many reasons!


    mental and physical.... :)

  10. POINTE- That's right. The pointe shoes are going back on after 15 years. Nutcracker here I come.

  11. Organize. My house, my work, my life.

  12. Adjust-with a new baby coming in 8 days, I need to adjust to so many different changes that are coming our way and I want to do it the best way I can so that my 3 year old doesn't feel left out! I resolve to do what I can and let go of the little things that I usually obsess over:)

  13. JOY!! I refuse to let anyone or any situation take away my joy!!

  14. Smile.

    Sometimes we get so busy and focused on what we need to do that we forget to smile and enjoy our surroundings.

  15. my word for 2011 ... is APPRECIATE ...
    Appreciate what I have been given, the small moments in life, the good and the bad, because it all means something in the big picture...

  16. my word for 2011 is LOVE. love everyday, love the messes, love the challenges and love the moment :)

  17. NOW: live in the moment NOW, love NOW, laugh NOW, act NOW.. :)

  18. ORGANIZE, you will have to read my post as to why!

    Running off to organize the house before the weekend starts! hugs, Cathy

  19. "BREATHE"

    in life sometimes you just need to BREATHE. it will all work out.
    just BREATHE when you miss someone, and think about the memories you made instead of the memories you won't be able to make. BREATHE when you are working and have to many to-do's. BREATHE when your friends drive you crazy but appreciate that you have good friends. and BREATHE to make sure you are catching all of life's little moments. just BREATHE. x

  20. Hi Sarah,
    my word is "encourage." everyone needs it. (great promotional idea! your photography is beautiful and creative)

  21. Decorate!

    Not just in the usual sense of the word but this year I exist to decorate each little corner of my world with, grace, love and creativity. To leave a colorful imprint on each person I come in contact with and each thing I touch! Decorating makes me smile and makes my heart sing and I believe it will do the exact same for others!

  22. Balance...
    I will learn to be a better juggler. I will remember to keep the ball called "Me" in the air. Too often I drop her while juggling home and school. A balanced me will be a happier wife, mother, friend, and teacher.

  23. CHANGE!
    We are moving to another state, new church, new home, new schools, new everything!!! SUPER DUPER EXCITED. God is doing big things in our family...can't wait to see the outcome.


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